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The first edition of Vile Fest saw some of the best slam and grind acts from the Indian subcontinent getting together for a nasty gig. After its success, the fest is back for its sophomore edition, broadening its purview to some other forms of extreme metal, including tech-death and black metal. The recent years have seen a rise in the number of fests catering to pure, unadulterated extreme metal. Just like the previous edition, this edition of the fest sports some of the best extreme bands in the country. Surprisingly, this extreme fest has quite a few sponsors, including Blackstar and Soultone. This edition’s promising lineup includes:

Vile Fest
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A few weeks ago, we had covered the recent re-release from The Whorehouse Massacre, out on Transcending Obscurity, titled ‘Altar of the Goat Skull / VI’ (read here). This release perfectly showcases the band’s ability to write grimy, down tuned riffs that can make the listener uncomfortable just with the music. The writing on this album was so interesting and entertaining that talking to the people behind the music became a must for me. Now, thanks to Transcending Obscurity, we got the chance to ask The Whorehouse Massacre a few questions and here’s what resulted..

The Whorehouse Massacre

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As much as the name suggests something, er, Plain, it is far from being so. This Norwegian four piece show that Hard Rock really is something to be paid attention to. Their unmistakable style of a thrash styled rock gives a one-two punch of recognisable vocals and ever changing musical sound. The lyrics and the delivery by them is pretty astounding, flicking between screams and clean vocals as easily and done as well as bands who use two vocalists such as Scar Symmetry and Ne Obliviscaris.

Plain Plain EP

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The characteristic that defines black metal as a genre is the sinister quality of the music and its ability to make the listener uncomfortable. The way this is achieved differs from band to band and these are the qualities a black metal fan expects from an album of  this genre. Perhaps that is why many black metal fans are irked by post black metal and shoegaze. But that is a topic for another day. Today we look towards the American black metal quartet Kommandant who are releasing their third full length ‘The Architects of Extermination’ this month on Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum. This is a band whose black metal styling has a very industrial sound to it. Kommandant’s approach to black metal involves slow burning meditative passages that have a haunting and bone chilling atmosphere to them.

Kommadant The Architects of Extermination

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Metalheads are weird people. We are one of the few types of people who can not only tolerate, but actually enjoy harsh sonic assault, that normal people deem “too noisy”. I am talking about the bands that take the heaviness and abrasiveness to the extreme, like Lord Mantis, Indian and  Abyssal just to name a few. Even from a metalhead’s point of view these acts are harsher than the norm. Along those lines comes Malthusian from Ireland. This four piece combines black metal and death metal with the heaviness of doom metal to create an aural experience that is extreme in every sense. The difference between Malthusian and their predecessors lies in the fact that this band has both the harshness and good song writing, which actually makes it relatively accessible (kind of).

Malthusian Below the Hengiform

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