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Have you guys ever been to a stoner doom metal party? Well I haven’t, but I imagine it to be a party where everyone is tripping balls in some corner, too lazy to move. But judging by the music of self proclaimed party doomsters, Groan from the UK, things can get much more active and much more groovy. Though the name of the band doesn’t necessarily sound like a party band, their latest EP ‘Highrospliffics’ sure fits the bill. This EP that was recently released on Superhot Records is four tracks full of fun rock n roll riffs delivered in a heavy stoner rock vibe.

Groan Highrospliffics

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To many the NWOBHM era seems as though it is starting to fade, with many of the early acts starting to become main staples within the metal industry, it’s easy to assume that the wave will die off when these bands stop putting out material. However, this is not the case; many bands continue to fly the flag of the modern British wave of Metal.


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I’ve been writing about metal for close to 4 years now. But hopefully I believe I did so without the false air of journalism that is usually attached to it. Most of us after all write what we write in the spirit of sharing good music. Being the good Samaritan. Or is it? Pretenders of the idea of a gift economy, the internet, perhaps? Writing monetarily uncompensated balderdash for the general good but indirectly watering the hope of a metal credo to take root? Maybe to fill those large gaps in our bogus job resumes while we in reality live out mostly uneventful lives?


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Djent is a genre I’m fairly new to, only familiar with a few songs by the Swedish forefathers of the genre, Meshuggah. It was definitely a mixed experience. I came across a band called Sequence of Discord while youtubing for djent bands, and most of what I came across were hardly melodic and were merely a myriad of open notes with an occasional pinch harmonic, but two bands stood out, two bands from what I came across, Sequence of Discord and Walking Across Jupiter.


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When the tsunami shocked the world in 2004, taking away numerous lives and destroying the lives of so many, it also left a deep scar in the grindcore community. It took away from us the vocalist and guitarist Mieszko Talarcyzk of the mighty Nasum. The band ceased to exist and the hole left by it has never been properly filled. But now a supergroup has emerged that comes closest to picking up where Nasum left off. I’m talking about the American entity Unrest. Comprised of members from Trenchrot and Woe, this band is the what happens when a bunch of talented musicians from different musical styles come together to pay tribute to one of the greatest grind bands that existed.

Unrest Grindcore

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