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Like most metalheads out there, I had a time in my life where I worshiped the genre of thrash metal. Back then, thrash was the most exciting thing I’ve heard in my life. And then as the earth completed more revolutions around the sun, the magic was lost. The newer crop of thrashers dont quite appeal to me as the classic ones from the 80’s. I had almost given up on thrash until I stumbled upon Mörti Viventi and it’s latest release ‘The Day the Dead Returned..’ on UKEM Records. Being a George A. Romero fan, the title caught my attention. I came for the title and stayed for the music.


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In today’s fast growing world where the attention span of the average human being is ever shrinking, a band faces a higher chance of fading away into obscurity. Sometimes the band in question may not have the required skill or dedication to get recognized. But there are times when a band has got the talent in abundance and yet they vanish without getting the due recognition. This is where labels like Transcending Obscurity come in. Labels like these find such diamonds in the rough and turn the spotlight towards them so that they shine. And for that, I hold them in the highest regard. One of Transcending Obscurity’s recent unearthing is a little known beast from British Columbia, Canada who go by the name The Whorehouse Massacre.

The Whorehouse Massace Altar of the Goat Skull VI

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Death metal back in the old days was simple, to the point and effective. There wasn’t much complexity when it came to the songwriting and it wasn’t really required. The bands had the liberty to write simple songs, because no one had done it before and hence they did not sound generic. But when newer bands try to emulate that old school 90’s death metal sound, they do it exactly the way it was done back then. As a result they end up sounding like the uninspired and generic version of the classic 90’s death metal acts. Costa Rican trio Insepulto are inspired by the old school form of death metal and they’re also skilled enough to have good song writing. This is a combination of some enjoyable, non-generic death metal and this is what lurks in the band’s second full length, ‘The Necrodex’.

Insepulto The Necrodex

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When bands like Carcass, Impetigo and Repulsion first integrated gore imagery into their grindcore sound, they set into motion the genre that we today refer to as goregrind. Since then, the number of bands trying to imitate them has never seen a dip in its numbers. Abundant as these bands were, they direly lack something that the masters of the genre possessed; good songwriting skills. Most of these bands were gory for the sake of it and the end results often sounded like a gimmick. The bad production quality did nothing to make these bands sound any better either. This is where the French goregrind entity known as Putrid Offal comes in. Though they’ve been around since the dawn of the 90’s, their presence in the scene was characterized only by a few splits and an EP. But now, 25 years after their inception, the fans finally get to sink their teeth into a proper full length by this band, which is titled ‘Mature Necropsy’ and is out on Kaotoxin Records.

Putrid Offal Mature Necropsy

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