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We live in sad times where artists are content with following the beaten path in the aspiration to achieve fame and glory. Few dare to carve their own styles and fewer still get it right. Markradonn is a band that I’ve talked a lot about, on this site and in real life. If you dont know who these guys are, they are a band that strives to break the concept of genre-ism. Guitarist Haniel Adhar saysWe are exploring brass in various different metal applications. Which is why the whole “genre” thing doesn’t apply, because we are crossing a lot of metal genres and applying brass to various different ways of writing metal songs“. Timpani, Trombone, Cimbasso, Tuba, Trumpet are a few of the prominent features in this band’s exotic arsenal. The way they use these, has to be heard to be believed.


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Ever since Incantation started assaulting the masses with their brand of atmospheric death metal, so many bands have tried to emulate the same. But not all of them had the knack and the result was often too much atmosphere with very little substance to back it. Finland’s Desolate Shrine are one of the few bands which has the songwriting skills that backs the dense atmospheric barrage. They’ve proved their merit with their first two full lengths and earlier this year Dark Descent Records released their third, titled ‘The Heart of the Netherworld’.

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I’ve always liked fast and aggressive music that is grindcore. But 2014 was the year I truly fell in love with the genre and the year was kind to me in that it gave me tons of good grind to listen to. One of the sources for all this awesome grind was Blastasfuk, a label from Australia who had 4 brilliant albums to their credit last year. With the birth of the new year, this label is not taking it light. Rather, they’ve put out yet another record, this time from Australian grinders The Kill titled, ‘Kill Them… All’.

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