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Such an invigorating sound masked in a tone of great inner emotion that gives deliverance to those treading the path of doom. Protokult is a Toronto based folk / pagan metal band. ‘No Beer In Heaven’ is definitely a palette of peaceful ambient melody and vibrant folk elements coupled with brilliant production and solid layers of artistic yet heavy guitar, bass and drums. Having said that, the band mainly portrays an ambiance of celebration and soothing ceremonial gatherings where folks frolic and men of old tell tales of their adventures as they wait at death’s door. Some of the songs also possess a hint of darkness that show signs of origins from darker roots of pagan / black metal.

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Imagine you have been served a buffet but all the food is covered with just name plates on them. Out of all the food present at the table you choose ‘Spicy Sugar’. You don’t know what it is, but you choose it anyway because it’s sugar anyway. Lifting the cover plate reveals very peculiar sugar and when you eat it, it gives you tornado of tastes and melts off within a fraction of second. Imagine that sugar rush, you just keep eating more and more of it to exactly know the taste but getting no result even after eating twice your limit, you leave it anyway. That is in short how new Deconstructing Sequence EP ‘Access Code’ is.

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Manzer is an ass-kicking black metal band from France. Formed in 2008, this trio plays music which is rooted in black metal from the 80s, and is also influenced by heavy metal, thrash and punk. It’s really exciting that they are doing a three city tour here in India this December. Their first and only full-length release, ‘Light of the Wreckers’ (2013), is the kind of album you know will sound really good when played live.
Lineup: Fëarann – Bass, Vocals (backing); Shaxul – Drums, Vocals; Hylde – Guitars
We spoke to frontman and drummer Shaxul, regarding the band, their upcoming tour and the current state of black metal in general. Read on…

Recently, we were contacted by an eager photographer based out of Delhi who goes by the name Shailendra Rana. We decided to give the lad a shot and I am glad we did. Why, you ask? Look at the following pictures snapped by him at Pandemonium III which happened at Barrels, New Delhi on the 9th of November.




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