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I had only heard of this band before, because of the underground hype after the release of their debut ‘Constantinople’ in 2012, but had yet to hear their music. They spent a lot of time touring after their debut was released, sharing stage with bands like Old Man Gloom, Neurosis, Boris, the Obsessed and Deafheaven. My initial interest was partly because of vocalist / bassist Sera Timms’ involvement with the brilliant but now defunct desert/doom rock outfit Black Math Horseman.Not that I expected a part two of that band, but I like to check out new projects when a band splits up.


Born from a hardcore background, Black Anvil play venomous, aggressive black thrash and ‘Hail Death’ benefits greatly from this. Yet this album isn’t all break neck speed and a fuck em all attitude and as such expect to hear some excellent song writing on this album that breaks up the brutality with the odd layer of subtle melody and intensive grinding riff-age.

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An increasing number of bands these days look towards tales of fantasy for inspiration. The Hindu mythology is something that is rife with such fantasy themes and yet, not a lot of bands, even from here in India, fail to tap into it. Not all bands ignore the potential of Indian (/Hindu) mythos as a theme and bands like Rudra have established themselves as giants in doing so. A new comer to this niche club is Nepal based Dying Out Flame, who give traditional hindu music, a death metal , treatment. The band released their debut Shiva Rudrastakam on 15th August, 2014 through Xtreem Music

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This band has a palette that is unmistakably a smorgasbord of flavors and variables that brings out great depth and solid power within their music. Gormathon with their latest album ‘Following the Beast’ is a jammed mix of elements from a various number of bands that could be noticed while cycling through their songs. It’s as if the bands Tyr, Amon Amarth, Judas Priest, Suidakra and Holy Grail played multiple sections one by one and at varying intervals and sometimes even melding with the mix to create an authentic and original sound that echoes through like thunder in a storm, slow paced and powerful music pushed forth out in the open.

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Catatonia is the latest of the set of gigs by Transcending Obscurity. Over the past year and a half, Kunal Choksi, the head of Transcending Obscurity, has fostered the growth of numerous bands by helping them with distribution, and most importantly, giving them a stage. He recently started organizing concerts, with the intention of promoting nothing but metal. After organizing concerts specially for specific sub-genres, like the Thrashfest, he is back with Catatonia fest, where each band is different in it’s expression. The fest is to be held on November 2nd, at Goa Portuguesa – Thane. This promising venue has been the host to many a gig, not failing to deliver each time.

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