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2014 is turning out to be a pretty sweet year for the music of the slow variety. It is already witness to some astounding releases from the likes of YOB, Doom: VS, Earth, Pallbearer etc. A release that is equally on par or perhaps even more astounding than these is the third full length by Australian sludge dwellers, The Dead. Their ability to fuse doom, sludge and crushing death makes it a one of a kind genre bender. Titled ‘Deathsteps to Oblivion’, this records sees the band push the boundaries further with the unconventional, yet intriguing mix of sounds.

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I’m in no doubt as I listen to ‘Condemned to Hope’ for the third time that this is going to be one of the albums of the year! Yorkshire stoner doom quintet Black Moth’s sophomore opus is the follow up to 2012’s ‘The Killing Jar’ and sees the band return in fine form!

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Trinergic, the melodic death metal band from Mumbai (India) which has been making waves all over the Indian Metal scene with its melodic compositions and fiery live performances, recently launched a countdown on their Facebook page which hinted at a “Big Announcement” to be made around the weekend. The band’s members and crew had kept the announcement a well-guarded secret leading up to the big reveal on Sunday – the addition of Nepal’s drumming Prodigy Jay Ram Karki to the band.

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With a background in punk and hardcore behind them, (As well as being in an all girl Slayer tribute act called Slaywhore) Caryn Havlik, Kristen Nosek and Lesley Wolf have now transcended and progressed into what they are today, namely Mortals, a gnarly combination of black metal and sludge straight from the mean streets of Brooklyn! Five years on from their debut album ‘Encyclopedia of Myths’ and Mortals have returned sporting a deal inked with Relapse Records and a brand new opus going by the thought provoking name of ‘Cursed to see the Future’.


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Some of the music that falls under the niche category of grindcore, is the type of noise one would use to torture one’s enemies. Then again, there are people like me, who crave this harsh atonal barrage to drown out the screams within their heads. Enter Disturbance Project from Spain. The recent compilation output from this four piece is called ‘Grite Mientras Puedas’, which translates to ‘Scream While You Can’. The album name and the band name together, presents a clear cut idea of what the music sounds like – unrelenting assault on sanity.

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