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‘Reality Cleaver’ by Swedish black metal band Nefandus, is a record that presents black metal in a slower and more melodic light as opposed to the usual fast and abrasive kind. The third album from this quintet, the focus here lies on the songwriting and the sinister melodies rather than just trying to sound as evil as possible. It’s not to say that there is a lack of darkness in the music, as that is what truly characterizes a black metal album.


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Haemophagus from Italy brings excitement into your home. I don’t remember the last time death metal was so catchy and oh-so-delicious. Indeed, it has that added gore value that is synonymous with the band’s record label, Razorback Records. It’s mixing the rollicking fervour of early Carcass with the simple but effective Death circa ‘Scream Bloody Gore’ riffing, adding a touch Spanish warmth and that irresistible old school horror appeal.

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Apocalypse Towards Apocalypse is a new four track split released through Blood Harvest and featuring two black metal bands from South America, Argentinean quartet Black Vul Destruktor and Chilean trio Et Verbi Sathanus!

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Started in 2012 as a duo, but now functioning as a one man operation, Conjuro Nuclear has already managed to produce two full-length albums as well as a couple of demos. The latest self-titled shows a songwriter hungry for experimentation and exploring with different influences. It´s a mix of many things, mainly black metal, punk and goth.


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