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Pirates, Booze, party and all out swashbuckling mayhem, Alestorm have all those bases covered and have definitely blown their previous albums out of the water with their latest release ‘Sunset on the Golden Age’. This band can be characterized in one word : “Freedom” which is what metal is all about and this band has plenty of it to show for. The buoyant lyrics coupled with the vocalist’s charisma throughout every song make this band stand out in many ways.


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Once more the Hellenic hordes are massing with the intent of bombarding the world in sulphur! Welcome to the Principality of Hell and prepare for some ‘Fire & Brimstone’. In the words of this fiery trio, Principality of Hell are “A band dedicated to the old black / thrash metal spirit of early Vemon, Celtic Frost, Bathory and Sodom and this release doesn’t dissapoint!


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The band Bastion, out with their new album ‘Vremya Borby’ lash out with much fury and intensity with their dominating hard-hitting pagan folk metal. The concept of their music lies with the guitar riffs powering through the songs whilst engulfed in rhythmic yet fury driven bass and drums. The vocals on the other hand is the odd one out among the mix but distinctive it may be, the vocals fit into the keyhole that is moulded up by the music.

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Servants of the Mist are a 6 piece doom metal band from Tampa, South Florida. ‘Gross Knowledge of Genital Mutilation’ is the follow up to their first EP, ‘Suicide Sex Pact’ . The album’s lyrics explores  concepts such as sexual sadism, suicide and death. The band draws influences from many genres, ranging from crust punk to funeral doom.

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Sporting that murky demo sound, Wisconsin black metal one man project Aeolus hits the spot perfectly in creating dark, powerful and moody atmospheric black metal, sort of along the lines of early Burzum! ‘Celestial Forest’ was written / performed / recorded / mastered by just one man and so you could call this a labour of love, the end result being a very endearing black metal release.


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