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Finnish doom metal, nay, all doom metal was dealt a blow with the planned and structured cessation of hostilities from Reverend Bizarre, when they unleashed the colossal ‘So Long Suckers’ and called time on their days as a band to move onto pastures new. Still, there is always somebody willing to take up the baton, re-light the flame and march forward for the cause and so enter stage left another Finnish doom entity going by the name of Cardinals Folly, who came onto the scene just as the bizarre ones were exiting. Following a couple of EP releases the Folly unveiled their debut album ‘Such Power is Dangerous!’ in 2011 and now here in 2014 and in conjunction with Shadow Kingdom Records they have returned with their sophomore offering, ‘Our Cult Continues’.


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Before you go ahead and call me a sadist by looking at the title, no, I do not enjoy watching people die (duh!). What I do enjoy is some good, solid death metal that makes me go wild. I am not the type of person that likes his death metal to have a specific flavour. But I know there are some of you out there who like it old school and some others who like the modern stuff. So for this article, I’ve tried to include bands from both sides of the fence.


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In no way was I excited for this review I had my eyes set upon being disappointed. I was certain that I would not like this record at all. A few weeks prior to it’s release I remember hearing that my favorite front man would be a part of this album. As soon as I had heard that, excitement over took me, curiosity followed in suit, and I waited to hear that one song. But as time progressed I found that I had forgotten about the release date. It would not be until a few days after the initial release that I would hear it. At first I didn’t know what to expect seeing this was my first encounter with Cannabis Corpse. The name was familiar but as far the music was concerned I couldn’t tell you a thing about how they sounded-other than stating the obvious “they are death metal”.

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The history of extreme metal in India would be incomplete without the mention of a band called IIIrd Sovereign. Hailing originally from Mizoram, this band emerged as the flag bearers for the extreme metal scene not only in the north east, but the country as a whole. After their formation in 2003, the band soon shifted base to Delhi, where they garnered acclaim from critics and crowd.


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The world may not lack one man black metal bands, but I think its fair to say that there’s far between the really good ones. Countless horrendous recordings of generic “heard it a thousand times before” black metal are spewed out every year. Fortunately Despot’s debut, ‘Satan in the Death Row’, isn’t one of them.


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