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Italy is not a country known to many in terms of metal music. Very few bands come out of Italy but each of them is so power packed that nothing can raise a finger at them and point out that they’re doing this part wrong or anything regarding their music. Neptune is just a perfect example of that. Getting influenced from Swedish bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquility, the band changed their sound from death metal to melodic-death metal with time. And after a gap of 5 years they released their 2nd album ‘Prelude To Nothing’ in December 2013.

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Europe is the hub for black metal. Though black metal exists outside Europe, the European bands have the better quality and quantity. UK is one place which played a vital role in the shaping of this genre with bands like Venom giving a big boost to black metal. But today, there are very few black metal bands from the UK. Is the black metal scene there dwindling? Or is it just a myth? Judging by this release, it sure looks to be the latter.


Very few bands are able to make music like  free flowing water, with little or no friction. From the streets of London, England comes the psychedelic rock / doom metal band Landskap, to do just that and achieves it beyond everyone’s expectations. With shades of funeral doom all over its music, Landskap (Swedish for landscape) brings out a very simple and no frills debut EP record through Iron Bonehead Productions.


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In the warmth of an early may morning I felt a cold I hadn’t felt in a long time. Sitting in my room I was taken by surprise. I had had the EP for over a month, and had been sleeping on the latest Septuagint release. I was afraid of what I was going to hear. Not that black metal scares me- it was that I wasn’t sure what I was going to hear would agree with my idea of this specific genre. Truth be told it took me back to a mix CD my elder brother had given me. It was a plethora of noise that was so alien to me I didn’t know if I hated it or loved it. ‘Negative Void Trinity’ did just that, it confused me. There were elements all too familiar yet it was unique to itself.


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The one aspect that everyone universally expects from music is memorability. Be it any genre, the listeners always want to hear something that will stay with them for a while after they’ve listened to the album. When dealing with a genre like death metal, catchy song writing is a particularly hard feat to achieve. So death metal bands instead, focus on technicality and brutality as opposed to catchiness. So when I stumbled upon a death metal band that was both progressive and immensely memorable, it came as a surprise indeed.


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