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Let’s take some old school thrash metal, chop it and mix it with some brutal, in your face type death metal and throw in some Melodies in the middle. The result is a death / thrash metal band from Pune named Halahkuh. Their debut EP ‘Desecration’ is as good as it gets, especially considering the fact that its a debut release.


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Over the course of the existence of death metal, we have seen many things come, and go. But it hasn’t been until recently, that things have gone back to the basics. Time has been very good to the subgenre (death metal) as there has been growth and expansion beyond the visions that Jeff Becerra and Chuck Schuldiner had seen. We have found ourselves at point in its evolution where things have seemed to stagnate. With Perversity, they take the listener back to an age of death metal where brutality was measured in terms of heavy chuggy tremeolo riffs. It is a look back to a time when the incorporations of horror themes, were mixed with the music we so whole heartedly love.


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I’ve always been a staunch admirer of one man projects. That admiration comes from knowing how hard it would be to steer a musical project single handedly. As opposed to being in bands, people handling one man projects find themselves solely responsible for every tiny aspect of the music and they have the added pressure of being skilled at all instruments involved in the project. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we don’t find many good quality one man projects these days. But the few ones that do exist continue to do a marvellous job in enthralling the listener all by themselves.

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Horror and heavy metal music are two things that share a very close relationship. Over the years, countless metal bands have dealt with themes of horror in their music, within various different sub genres. But barring a few artists like King Diamond, no band has exclusively dedicated to infusing their music with themes of horror. So, it is quite rare to find present day bands that do that and the following two bands belong to such a rare breed.


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There was I, 7-8 years back when I first heard metal music. The first sub genre that I got into was thrash metal. Oh what a time it was, listening to The Big 4, Overkill, Kreator and what not – with head smashing riffs, those air guitars I played, that brutal voice I sang in (which I still do). Thrash metal became my favorite sub-genre of metal. Also what attracted me was that thrash metal wasn’t sub-divided into more sub genres. From 30 years ago, when thrash had its initiation, till now, thrash still has kept its brutality that no other sub-genre has. Though, in all genres there is atleast one band that looks brutal and bad ass in details and introduction but equally disappointing when heard. Same goes for Trainwreck Architect.


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