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The Indian Black Metal scene is an evergrowing one with more and more bands being formed. Leading this scene is Delhi based black metallers, 1833 A.D. Having released their full length last year, the band has been actively touring and are all set to play at the third edition of Black Metal Krieg in Mumbai. We had the opportunity to speak to the band about the event and their music. Here is what happened:


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The problem with many of the Thrash Metal bands these days is that most of it sounds very contrived and forced. The basic difference between the thrash metal back in the 80’s and the thrash metal today, is that back then, the music had a passion and the bands playing the music sounded like they were having fun. That is lost out on most of today’s thrash bands. However, that being said, there is still a hand full of bands that are bringing back that old school passion through their music. The latest album by Canadian act Blackrat is a fine example for this.


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When someone mentions the brutal side of metal, India is not exactly the country that pops into one’s mind. The reason is that there are not many brutal death metal bands from India. The number of proper bands playing brutal stuff can be counted on a single hand. But however few these bands are in number, their music sure does pack a punch. Leading this legion of brutal death metal bands is the almighty Gutslit.  This band has been playing an active role in propagating this heavy art form since 2007. After releasing a split in 2009, the band’s much awaited debut full length is finally here! Was it worth the wait?


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Every once in a while, I go through a phase, where all I need is a huge wall of music to grind my face. When I came across the band Facegrinder, this is exactly what I expected. Going into this album, my expectations from this band where pretty high, because earlier this year, I had reviewed an album from another band from by same members, called Corpseflesh and that album had impressed me so much. So does Facegrinder impress as much as Corpseflesh, or is it not as good?

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Writing a song with a long runtime takes skill. Keeping the listener engaged throughout the length of the song requires even more special skills. The number of progressive bands in India are actually very limited and even the few that do exist, tend to stick to shorter song lengths (with exception of one or two songs ofcourse). But never did I imagine that when I discovered such a progressive band from India, it would be from Jaipur of all places! While the general public had been focussing their attention on bands from Bangalore, Kolkatta, Delhi and Mumbai, these lads have achieved something which quite a lot of bands in this country fail to do – release a spectacular debut!


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