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Of all my years of lurking in the interwebs, I have seen one particular argument rear its ugly head many times over. “Who gets the credit for inventing Metal as a genre?”. While some may say Led Zeppelin, others may say Blue Cheer or Deep Purple. The reality is though, no single band can be credited for inventing this amazing form of music. However, there is one band, without whose existence, Metal may not have been as we know today. And that band, undeniably, is Black Sabbath. These lads from Birmingham, UK, started out way back in 1968, under the name Earth. Through the course of their 45 years of existence, this band has undergone numerous line up changes and stylistic changes, while at the same time, remaining true to Heavy Metal. Now in 2013, the band has broken out of a long slumber, to unleash doom upon the mortal world once again, this time, in the form of 13.


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When Megadeth named their new album Supercollider, I expected the album to surpass the previous two albums by them, namely Endgame and Thir13en. This expectation was only compounded by Dave Mustaine’s constant words that this was the best album that the band had ever recorded. But none of this prepared me for what Supercollider, really turned out to be.


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Progressive Metal is a genre, which is known for it’s eclectic tempo shifts and time signature changes. Now, put this together with something as heavy as Brutal Death Metal, and the resulting concoction is something which is truly interesting. The mark of a good Progressive Metal band is to keep the listener hooked, while keeping the changes coming. On the other hand, a Brutal Death Metal band aims to pulverise everything in it’s path. New age metallers, September Murder succeed in achieving both, for the most part.


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Foreshadow are an American Death Metal band hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida. Having successfully released one studio album and an EP to some really good reception, the band is all set to tour the world. They are currently set to play their music in China and are also pushing for a tour in Europe. We, at Metal Gallows, had a chance to have a chat with the drummer of the band, Kracken Kelly. Here is an excerpt of the interview.


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