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Watch Us Fade is a Death Metal band hailing from Tamworth, United Kingdoms. They are an up and coming band formed in 2011. They play a style of death metal where they showcase a lot of influences from other genres as well. They released their second EP, titled ‘Past, Present, Hell’ on 28th March, 2013.


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Back in the early 2000’s, a new trend had emerged in the form of Metalcore. All the new and popular bands were playing it. This was just like Thrash Metal in the late 1980s and Nu Metal in the late 1990s. But as quick as this trend started spreading, bands started running out of fresh ideas and were constantly seen releasing very mediocre records. The lack of quality material, led many to believe that the death of Metalcore was upon them. Killswitch Engage are back with a new album that seems to say, “No! Metalcore still lives!”.


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Is change a good thing in the world of metal? What happens when an established band decides to experiment and change their sound a little bit? It can go two ways. It can result in abominations like ‘St.Anger’ and ‘Illud Divinum Insanus’. Or it can result is successful albums like ‘Cowboys From Hell’ or the recent ‘The Underground Resistance’. What effect do little changes have on this particular record?


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Extreme Metal has always seen a mix of two or more sub genres over the course of it’s existence. Some of the resulting products have been very successful, like Symphonic Black Metal, Deathgrind, Crossover Thrash, Doom Death Metal for example. So how about a combination of Black Metal and Thrash Metal with subtle influences of Speed Metal? It has been tried before by band like Absu and Skeletonwitch, but this type of music remains largely underground.


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Devoid have come out with a 4 song EP this year. Their debut ‘A God’s Lie’ was a brilliant piece of Thrash / Death Metal and it bagged the Best Album Award at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2011. So how does ‘The Invasion EP’ live up to such an accomplished predecessor?


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